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Application Number: HPK0696044

Proposal: Change of use agricultural building to livery stables

Please be aware that the information below may not be complete in terms of appeal decisions, enforcement notices and appeals and legal decisions made by courts relating to the application. Please contact the Authority to check the current planning status of a site or building.

Development Address: Oldfield Farm, Taxal, Fernilee
Parish: Whaley Bridge
Application Status: FINAL DECISION (Decision code: FIN)
Decision: Granted Conditionally (Decision code: GC)
Planning Officer: Andrew Cook

Applicant Details

Applicant Name: Mr G W Brocklehurst
Applicant Address: Oldfield Farm Taxal Fernilee WHALEY BRIDGE

Agent Details

Agent Name: John F. Lomas
Address: Rothbury Hayfield HIGH PEAK Derbyshire SK22 2JF
Contact Name:
Email Address:

Key Dates

Date Validated: Monday 3 June 1996
Target Date for Decision: Monday 29 July 1996
End of Public Consultation Period: To Be Confirmed (minimum 21 days from the validation date of the application)
Decision issued: Friday 30 August 1996

Associated documents

There are no documents currently listed as the application was processed in 1996, before we made electronic copies.

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Comments cannot be submitted for this application as a decision has already been made (Granted Conditionally).